Ksenia Sobchak, Philip Kirkorov, Dima Bilan and other major Russian stars according to Forbes

Ksenia Sobchak and Ivan Urgant

The Russian version of Forbes magazine continues to publish its regular ratings, or otherwise associated with the income celebrities. At this time, the publication decided to identify the most important local stars. The rankings take account of their annual earnings, a mention in the media and the queries in the search engine “Yandex”.

The list included 50 Russian stars. Talk about the top ten.

1st place — Alexander Ovechkin

First place in the ranking for the second consecutive year goes to Russian ice hockey player. During the year he earned 14.5 million dollars. In the media his name sounded 405 7 times, and “Yandex” information about it was requested more than half a million times. This is mostly due to the historical victory of the team “Washington capitals”, for which he speaks, the Stanley Cup (first team ever managed to win in the finals) and award at The ESPYS in the category “sportsman of the year”. In addition, the public has aroused the interest of the news of the pregnancy of the spouse Ovechkin Anastasia Subsky — a couple prepares for the birth of the first child.

As for income, there is also simple — alone advertising contracts brought 32-year-old Ovechkin more than four million dollars.


2nd place — Sergey Shnurov

The release of the new album, divorce from Matilda, the alleged affair with Nika Belotserkovskaya — all this caused the audience great interest. In the media the leader of group “Leningrad” has mentioned 4 536 times, as in “Yandex” about it information was requested by almost four and a half million times. Earned 45-year-old musician, by the way, 13.9 million dollars.

3rd place — Philip

8.9 million $ 8 986 references in the media, more than 10 million requests in “Yandex” — all this has allowed the 51-year-old singer to take third place. This success Kirkorov brought caused great excitement video for “mood Color — blue”, which starred many celebrities. Well, about the fact that his popularity with the years hasn’t reduced, can not speak.

4th place — Grigory Leps

56-year-old singer continues to speak, goes on tour around the country, releasing new albums and writes daring duets (e.g. Timothy). He finds time to do business. So, this year he, along with Emin Agalarov again became one of the organizers of the festival “Heat”, which opens today in Baku.

Last year lady Gaga was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree and the medal “Participant of military operations in Syria.” As a result, 8.2 million dollars in revenue, 2 888 references in the media and over 13 million queries in “Yandex”.

5th place — Ivan Urgant

Ivan Urgant is still one of the most popular show in the country. 40-year-old entertainer is one of the main faces of the First channel. He starred in commercials, writes songs, and performs at corporate parties. Because of this he earned for the year $ 8.5 million. In the media his name was mentioned 4 times 445 and “Yandex” requests it received more than five million.

6th place — Olga Buzova

The phenomenon of the singer and the stars of Instagram continues to be a mystery. However, while we wonder how and why all of a sudden 32-year-old Buzova became so popular and rich, she continues to earn and cause the audience great interest.

In addition to the “musical career”, the presenter went into business. She opened a restaurant in Central Moscow and announced the launch of its cryptocurrency, which has even invented a not very original, but understandable name Buzcoin. And yet the TNT channel decided to launch her reality show “Married with Buzova” (female version of the show “the Bachelor”). Anyway, all this brought her an income of 3.9 million dollars, 14 867 references in the media and over 28 million (!) query in a popular search engine.

7th place — Dima Bilan

This 36-year-old singer still stable. He remains very popular and… rich. For the year Bilan managed to replenish the wallet is 7.7 million dollars. Besides the concert activity, the income he provided the campaign (he became the face of brand mobile phones Neffos). The media talked about it and wrote 4 728 times, and “Yandex” in the search bar his name has introduced more than seven million times.

8th place — Evgeni Malkin

Last year hockey player for the third time in his career won the Stanley Cup with his team “Pittsburgh penguins”. Income of 9.5 million dollars, 3 151 references in the media and over 400 thousand requests in “Yandex” has allowed 31-year-old Malkin to take eighth place ranking.

9th place — Stas Mikhailov

The main source of income (but it could increase your budget to $ 7.4 million) this 49-year-old singer provided him with performance — lovers of chanson in the country do not become less. In the media his name sounded 1 640 times, and “Yandex” to learn about it wanted almost ten million times.

10th place — Ksenia Sobchak

Participation in the presidential elections, work in media, an active social life and advertising contracts allowed the 36-year-old Ksenia Sobchak to enter the top ten of Russian stars. For the year it earned $ 1.4 million in media about it began to speak more often in connection with her political activities — her name is mentioned 462 times 45, and “change” in requests it has received more than $ 12 million.

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