Kylie Jenner in the bright image supported boyfriend Travis Scott at his concert

Kylie Jenner

Tuesday night paparazzi caught the 21-year-old Kylie Jenner, who went to the concert of her lover Travis Scott at Madison Square garden (new York). The owner of a beauty Empire was dressed in Astroworld t-shirt, bright orange pants and a light jacket. Image complements bag-saddle with animal print from Dior. Fans of Kylie, the founder of the Cosmetics noticed that star again changed the hair color.

Hairdresser Chris Appleton, which is responsible for hair Jenner, told reporters the following:

I wanted to create a soft pastel shade that would make Kylie to move a little bit away from the image of Barbie. Now it’s Barbie from the ice, ash-grey-blonde. I also really liked the idea to use the technique of Unicorn Hair is a smooth transition from pink to yellow and grey.

As it became known, the daughter of Kylie and Travis Stormy had to leave the hotel with a sitter while her mom and dad enjoyed the concert.

They have this crazy connection and she is definitely daddy’s girl. They are a pleasure to watch. When dad is around, I feel like I don’t exist for her

— recently told Kylie about the relationship of the rapper with daughter.

Recall, Stormy and Kylie accompanied Scott on his tour, which started last month. However, the family made a short break to celebrate thanksgiving with other members of the family Kardashian-Jenner. A source told ET that Kylie made up a big part of the food and half the night standing at the stove (Rosie would have approved).

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