Laeticia Hallyday she lied about her modeling career ? The director of his agency, made astounding revelations

Laeticia Hallyday a-t-elle menti sur sa carrière de mannequin ? La directrice de son agence fait d'étonnantes révélations

In their book, Laeticia, the true story, Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle have investigated the past of the widow of 43 years, and have found some inconsistencies with the version that she gave to the press, or even Johnny Hallyday.

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You have surely never seen Laeticia Hallyday tread the catwalk with the creations of the biggest brands on the back. Yet, it was a model in her youth, as she has often suggested. If no one has ever questioned his career of top, two journalists, Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle, have decided to investigate the past of the widow of 43 years. And in their book, Laeticia, the real story, published by the éditions Plon, they make astounding revelations. According to them, the girlfriend of Johnny Hallyday would have exaggerated or even invented this part of his life, as reported in Gala.

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The mother of Jade et Joy Hallyday, thus, ensures having worked for the fashion agency Michele Pommier Models. However, contacted by the two authors, the director places says not to be recruited : “I have worked with Laeticia Casta, but I’m sorry to tell you that I have never represented Laeticia Hallyday”. The mother-in-law of David Hallyday and Laura Smet would she have lied or would she simply made a mistake with the name of the agency ? The doubt persists.

In the meantime, this is not the only discovery of Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle during their eight months of investigation. In the media, Laeticia Hallyday has many times recalled how she helped her father in his depression, and his departure to the United States after a failure sentimental. Statements biased according to Andre Boudou.“My daughter is not coming to support me at the age of thirteen, but rather at eighteen. She exaggerates again. It is true that I had a heartache, I was a little unhappy, but I’ve never been prostrate in a dark room. And my disappointment in love lasted only two months (…) All of this is part of the myth that she wants to create with her husband”, he confessed to journalists. What does dull a little more the image of the widow, which is currently in full process with the two elders of the rocker for a question of inheritance.

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