Lagnes : he strangles his tenant of 22 years and leaves her for dead

Lagnes : il ├ętrangle sa locataire de 22 ans et la laisse pour morte

A 22-year old woman was found unresponsive in a small apartment that she rented way of the Long Bridge to Lagnes in the Vaucluse.

What are the gendarmes who had discovered in the night of Wednesday to Thursday, around midnight.

The victim, a native of Valencia, had to be strangled by its owner, who lives in a farmhouse adjacent to and left for dead

She was revived and then was transported to the hospital where she lies between life and death.

As for his owner, 34-year-old, he was arrested and placed in police custody.

A native of the Dr├┤me, the victim was moved in the beginning of the year in the Vaucluse region to do an internship.