Lars von Trier for the first time in five years, has released a new film (Video)

Ларс фон Триер впервые за пять лет выпустил новый фильм (Видео)

The film was called “the House that Jack built”.

In the network appeared the first trailer of the film “the House that Jack built,” directed by Lars von Trier. Karina was the first work of the Director over the past 10 years, and its premiere will take place on may 14th at the Cannes film festival.

Initially, the Director planned to shoot a TV series, but later “the House that Jack built” turned into a feature film.

Jack — smart and talented person, who loves to kill people. He has no particular technique, as there is no preference among the victims. He just kills, often experimenting, approaching the murders as works of art. And every time Jack discovers with interest that nobody cares about his activities.

The film will show five episodes from the life of Jack, among which will be a few digressions. The main role in the film was played by Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz and Uma Thurman.

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