Lesya Nikityuk blew network funny frames

Леся Никитюк взорвала сеть забавными кадрами

Famous blonde has posted new pictures.

TV presenter Les nikitiuk is one of the most prominent member of the show “dancing with the stars 2018”. The artist skillfully shows his sense of humor on the floor and shows him at the rehearsals.

Despite the hard work of Lesya Nikityuk to each live broadcast of “Dancing with the stars 2018” TV presenter finds time for his blog. Every time a star affects its fans with bright clothes and fun messages.

Recently, well-known blonde has posted new images, which pretty amused the network. The footage Lesya Nikityuk posed in front of cameras with the choreographer Alena, Shoptenko. Both beauties are doing a banner, but a graceful dancer elegantly worth while TV presenter funny twisted. So Lesya Nikityuk showed expectations and reality in training.

In addition, in a network there was video “guessing” the presenter on a private hematoma. The bruise Lesya Nikityuk saw the letter “L” that immediately caused a few suggestions from her. According to the most charismatic participants of the show, she’ll either leave the flooring, or will find love.

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