Liar: In the skin of “Mozart of the bullshit”

We are already talking about Liar as the summer comedy in Quebec. This production, which marks a fourth collaboration between the director Émile Gaudreault and Louis-José Houde, plunges the audience into the life of Simon, a hateful and endearing mythomaniac.
In the skin of this “Mozart of the bullshit” who suddenly sees his lies come to fruition, Louis-José Houde visibly amused himself … in his own way.

“I made some movies, but I do not have any acting training. I do this with great humility and listening. There is not much improvisation (…) Émile lets me do a lot of scenes; I am not someone who arrives right away, like some brothers and sisters. Émile is very patient with me, “said the comedian / comedian to the media this week after the press screening.

Playing a compulsive liar “who scoffs everyone around him” was particularly enjoyable, he says, admitting that his status as a comedian has never harmed him in the cinema. “No one, at any time, made me feel an outsider. I am very confident on a platter. ”

In this $ 7 million production, which required 45 days of filming over three months, Houde appears alongside experienced actors like Antoine Bertrand, Geneviève Schmidt, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Luc Senay, Véronique Le Flaguais, Patrice Coquereau, Marie-Lise Pilote and Sonia Vachon.

Fantasy story

Although comparisons with Liar Liar with Jim Carey are inevitable, the inspiration would be born of a compulsive liar evolving in the entourage of Émile Gaudreault. It did not take more to see an excellent subject of feature film.

But beyond the dozens of possible lies – and their comic potential – it was necessary to write a story that stood and where feelings had their place. “If there is no emotion, we do it for nothing, it becomes just a joke,” says the director, who is also co-writer of the film.

Hence the idea of ​​confronting Simon with his thousand and one hats, forcing him to “repair” them one by one to find a normal life and avoid an imminent disaster. With that, Émile Gaudreault did not hesitate to push fantasy to the extreme, with special effects and implausible situations in support. And he assumes it completely.

“When I write a story, I wonder how I can make it interesting until the end. I have the concern that it is renewed to continue to surprise people. But it can not be anything, just because I had a flash. The rhythm must be natural. All the good scenarios, in my opinion, are constantly changing, becoming more complex, a bit like a growing plant. ”


Real revelation of the film, the actress Catherine Chabot seemed to the angels among all these actors of renown, qualifying as “boutte du boutte” this leading role in her career, she who bathes especially in the world of theater. It took four auditions for the actress to be confirmed in her role as Chloe, the unfiltered (Russian) translator who falls in love with Simon.

“It’s a character that looks like me in life,” she said, delighted that the production has recognized its comic side.

His many replicas in Russian have also required a lot of preparation. “I did not learn Russian, I learned phonetically. I did not know what I said! I was coached. It is a very beautiful challenge in which I plunged with joy. ”

Émile Gaudreault was delighted with the discovery of this new face. “Catherine has great talent and instinct. ”