Life hack | Tips for finding work in the United States

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США

Life hack | Tips for finding work in the United States

Author: Tatyana Sinkevich

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You have already moved to the U.S. for permanent residence, or this idea is still only in the plans? In any case, you probably already scratching their heads: how to make a living? Is it difficult to find work for the immigrants from the CIS? How and where to look for her? Is it possible to get a specialty? What nuances must be taken into account? Today you will get answers to these and many other pressing issues.

Where to start

Perhaps the first thing you need to do when planning a move or already living in the United States, is the language. This is universal advice for everyone. Owning English, you can always negotiate with people, and the interview to tell the employer about your professional advantages. And in General, knowledge of the language of the country in which you are going to live and work, is no less important than substantial experience and impressive skills.

Poor English is a significant (if not fatal) obstacle not only in employment but also in establishing contacts with others. So try to tighten up the language. Don’t forget: practice works wonders. How can you communicate more with native English, watch local television, read Newspapers, ask the meaning of unfamiliar words. And another point: if you focus on a certain profession — lean on specific terms. A good idea is also to learn the courses. More information about free and paid English language courses in the U.S. we published recently.

Then prioritize. You need sustenance right now, and because you accept a part-time job with an hourly wage or you are looking for permanent employment with a stable income, which could be realized as an expert? Not a hindrance, but the approach to employment will differ.

Job search is one of the most important tasks that you need to start to decide immediately on his arrival in America. Do not delay it indefinitely. And our tips will help you in this difficult matter.

The key to success is the correct summary

The vast majority of cases, the job is not without summary (curriculum vitae — CV). Well-written document will significantly increase your chances of success.

In the United States summary must meet certain standards and contain the following items:

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Contacts.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Striking a brief introduction — your chance to stand out among dozens of competitors and attract the attention of the HR Manager. Instead of the standard phrases, try to write here what will hook the potential employer (within reason, of course).

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США The list of professional skills relevant to the position for which you are applying.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Additional skills and personal qualities.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Education.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Experience. It needs to be specified, starting with most recent job and ending with the first, and only in that order. Also will not prevent a positive recommendation from at least 2 previous employers or just the employees with their contact information.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Additional education (courses, trainings, etc.).

If you have a proven track record — not worth it to give the summary in full: 3-4 jobs relevant to the position for which you are applying will be enough. Otherwise the employer may have doubts about the seriousness of your relationship to work.

Have experience in different, unrelated fields? In this case it is better to make several variants of CV and adapt it for each of the areas.

Making a resume, you can expect the following samples:

a summary of the applicant with higher education but without work experience;

summary a candidate with experience in the it field.

Attach document covering letter (cover letter), explaining to him why you are the ideal candidate for this position. To properly write a sover letter, use example.

To assure the documents at the notary not necessary!

Where and how to look for work

You have several options:

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США The most up-to-date channel of job search is the Internet. The network set as the specialized sites for employment, and online versions of publications same areas where you will find the contact details of employers. Send a resume to their email or actual email and wait for an answer. Can also call the numbers listed in the ads, to speed up the process.

Popular U.S. sites for job search:

Rusrek (here you can find job offers from Russian employers); — daily updated resource with a huge selection of vacancies;

Dice — a website on employment of it specialists;





Simply Hired




Media Bistro

The Ladders




Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США The second option is suitable for those who already managed to get some strings. Inform all friends that are looking for work. It is not excluded that someone from them will play the role of mediator between you and your future employer.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Sometimes it is to show assertiveness and to offer their services personally by visiting the desired place of work. This is especially true of the service sector. For example, a hairdresser or cosmetologist will have a significant advantage over other applicants, talking vis-a-vis with the owner of the beauty salon. Don’t ignore the ads on the doors of retail outlets, cafes and other establishments of the services sector. Of course, you are unlikely to find your dream job, but in a situation when you urgently need money, part time job will be very even way.

How to behave at the interview

To receive an invitation to interview does not mean to work. To get closer to the goal will help the following tips on how to behave with the employer. So:

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Keep the interview as natural as possible, answer questions directly, without hesitation and much thought. You have to impress an energetic and motivated expert, resistant to stress and willing to perform tasks.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Americans always pay attention to the level of consistency of the applicant (its adequacy — consistency — consistency). More than appropriate to mention in conversation that you are very interested to get a place in this firm because they have heard many good things about it. (Try to find reviews about your employer and find out his priorities. A lot of companies in the US you will find on the website

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США Follow dress code (wear to the interview business suit) and don’t forget to smile.

Don’t get caught on the hook crooks

Receiving a response from potential employers, beware: it is not excluded that among them there are scams.

How are they defined? Schemes used by criminals are numerous, but one trait they share is empty promises. If you for no reason at all promise mountains of gold or big earnings, which have nothing to do pass by. Especially if the offer is associated with financial transactions.

Some scammers looking for a way to “launder” the stolen money, which serves ads in the newspaper for employment. Naive applicant may be tempted by a “free cheese” and how long of jail.

Is it possible to find work on a speciality

There are professions, which is not so easy to get a job abroad. For example, the lawyer: too strong bound to the laws of a particular country. The profession of a doctor or pharmacist — edged sword. On the one hand, these experts are in demand more than any other, and with another — will have to complete their education or to be retrained, to validate qualifications and to obtain a local license, because American healthcare has its own specificity: other approaches to treatment, other drug names, etc.

In General, moving to another country puts an end to work in the specialty, but requires considerable timesx and financial costs.

Moreover, there are many occupations with which to find work in the United States are quite simple. The most popular here, it professionals, tradespeople, service providers and beauty business, sales workers, drivers, designers, architects. Managers and translators will also not remain idle. All these skills are equally in demand everywhere, although some of them will need proof of qualification. For example, the driver must obtain a local driving license, Barber or cosmetologist license.

Unskilled labor and earnings for the first time

Suppose you have no education, or you have not had time to get on the field, or for employment must obtain a license and certificate. Or maybe you are just young and have not had time to experience. Or not yet accustomed to the new place, do not know the language and therefore feel insecure. And live on something…

You can get a job that does not require special education, qualification verification and other paperwork. And to find it will not take much time — Staboutit, just buy the local newspaper.

If your English is far from perfect, the job advertisement can be found in the Russian edition of the “Courier, “Arguments and Facts”, “Russian Bazaar”, where Russian employers post jobs nannies, housekeepers, caregivers, workers, etc.

The most affordable for immigrants in jobs requiring no special skills or education:

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США the waiter

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США the cashier,

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США loader,

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США dishwasher,

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США cleaner,

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США nurse assistant in a nursing home,

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США assistant kindergarten teacher,

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США the cutter in a grocery supermarket

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США the employee of the shop.

These options — for the first time. But don’t forget about the main task — to find a steady paying job: watch for announcements, send a resume, go to the interview.

If you agree to the best times to work in a cafe, hotel, fast food establishment, warehouse or in the shop — go straight there, complete the application form (Declaration of employment) and leave your resume.

And don’t pass it by institutions with a Russian sign. There are more chances to find a job: the Diaspora tries to maintain compatriots.


In the US, working remotely can bring either an additional or main income. Such popular profession as a web designer, copywriter and web developer are among the ten most popular in the American market of freelancing. And the remuneration for their labor is enough to live well in the country. If you have the appropriate skills on the earnings experience is not necessary. And to prepare the ground for remote operation in the United States can begin even before the move. Employer care where you live. Importantly, the orders were carried out in time. Ideal for those who travel around the world! All you need is a laptop and Internet access.

As soon as you get your first salary and what kind of earnings you can expect

In United States labour legislation, wages must be paid at least 2 times per month. However, workers whose activity is connected with manual labor, can expect first pay a week later.

The Federal minimum wage in the States is $7.5 per hour. This means that the local bosses have no right to subordinate pay less than this amount. Depending on the state of this figure change. The highest minimum wage in the District of Columbia – us $12.5, the lowest is $5.15 in two States Georgia and Wyoming.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США
Find more statistics at Statista

The highest paid profession in the US — archaeologists and doctors: their salaries range from $200 to $270 thousand per year. But to get a job in this specialty is not so simple. You can not say about the it field. Skilled it pros can expect a $82,860 or more per year (depending on specific areas). Here everything is decided by professionalism and dedication.

Лайфхак | Советы по поиску работы в США
Find more statistics at Statista

Earn more than the average foremen, barbers, massage therapists, hygienists in dental clinics and nurses. However, for these professions need a license or certificate, which will have at least six months of study in special courses.

Take note

Try to choose a job closer to home — travel by bus or subway takes a lot of time. Sometimes the best transportation is a Bicycle: you don’t have to stand in traffic jams, and Parking the bike is not needed.

Caution: harmful stereotypes!

On your way you will meet people who will draw in front of you is a gloomy picture of unemployment, to advise not to jump in over your head and scare stories of how difficult it is for an immigrant to find a good job. The pessimists are everywhere — at home, in a new country.

In fact, everything is in your hands. Who wants seeks for opportunities; who does not want — looking for reasons. If you are not looking for excuses, and opportunities to implement plans in front of you will open many doors.

So, in order to make the search work in the United States to succeed, you will need 3 qualities: perseverance, dedication and belief in yourself.

Be bold and remember: the road by walking!

Best of luck on your new job, good team and a growing income!

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