Limocar will relocate on May 1st

Work is well underway in downtown Sherbrooke for the removal of the Limocar bus terminus. The waiting room and the ticket office will be located on de l’D?p?t Street, at the corner of King Street West, in the same building as Emploi-Qu?bec. Buses stop for the moment at the station of the rue du D?p?t, near the microbrasserie Siboire. The Sherbrooke Transportation Corporation (STS) has not yet approved the use of its boarding platforms.

“From May 1st, we will be functional. People will be invited to purchase their tickets at our new terminal. Limocar was coming to the end of his lease. Because of this situation, she decided to move to a nearby facility, larger and with more modern facilities. In addition, considering the end of the lease, Limocar wanted to become operator of its terminus, while this is not the case in the current terminus, “says Marie-C?line Bourgault, director of communications and public affairs for Transdev.

This information had filtered last month. STS President Marc Denault denied that Transdev had agreed with the transportation company. He reiterated that there is still no agreement and that the subject has not been discussed in the Board of Directors. In February, he said that “the priority will be to ensure the safety of users and drivers.”

Ms. Bourgault believes that it will be possible to reach an agreement with the STS before May 1 for the use of its docks on the Rue du D?p?t. “We are in discussion with the City to determine where the buses can stop. There will be shared docks, but there are still things to finalize. Talks are continuing this week. ”

Information campaign

An information campaign should be launched soon to inform the clientele. Between 800 and 1000 passengers travel daily through the Limocar terminus to the city center. There are eleven departures and eleven bus arrivals daily.

Councilor Chantal L’Esperance hopes that an agreement is possible. “Our officials are working with the STS to see what can be done. One thing is certain, the wharves belong to the STS, so it must be argued, “she says.

At Commerce Sherbrooke, the acting director general, Fran?ois Desmarais, reports that the idea behind the relocation of Limocar is “to avoid losing buses downtown to the benefit of a terminus on the highway. We hope to have a place where we find taxis, long-distance buses and public transit. ”

The owners of Siboire also evaluate the opportunity to expand the microbrewery and occupy the spaces that Limocar leave vacant. No project is under development and no decision has been made, but the situation encourages them to consider this possibility.

STS bus transportation worries

Concerns are not wavering over the possibility of seeing the Sherbrooke Transit Company (STS) bus stop on King Street West, in the city center, rather than transit through Depot Station. STS President Marc Denault promises that citizens will be consulted before any action.

“I was told about the concerns of some traders. We will take it into account to try to reduce the impacts if we opt for a move. There are still consultations to be done before arriving there. The main concerns are on-street parking, which could be reduced, and the presence of bus fumes for those who build a deck, “says District Councilor Chantal L’Esperance.

“We have to be very careful in our efforts and we will have to be inclusive,” says Denault in this regard. “There is a lot to do before being on King Street West with buses, both at the STS and at the Ville de Sherbrooke, than at Commerce Sherbrooke. Will we create discomfort with our owners to accommodate a customer? ”

Marc Denault mentioned that the Sustainable Mobility Center will hold public consultations to determine the downtown bus’s position. These consultations will be held in parallel with those to be held regarding the Well Inc. project. and the Wellington South Area Planning and Development Master Plan. “We are still an important player for the city center. We will talk to each other to coordinate the consultations. ”
Mr. Denault worked elsewhere to boost sustainable Mobility Center.

The acting director general of Commerce Sherbrooke, Fran?ois Desmarais, reports that only one trader has expressed significant concerns for the moment. He let Limocar and the Sherbrooke Transit Company negotiate and evaluate the various options before them. “There will not be a deployment on King West tomorrow morning. It’s nothing confirmed. ”

In February, Marc Denault indicated that there was no room for a pilot project and that if the buses left Depot Station, this decision would be permanent.

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