Lined back and stretched, the vertebrae: a young refugee from Donbass made a unique operation in…

Выровняли спину и растянули позвонки: юной переселенке с Донбасса сделали уникальную операцию в...

— Oh, so small! — unwittingly chirps me with Beehive.

She’s shy smiles:

After the surgery, I stretched four inches! Now my height is one hundred fifty-one centimeters, but if you have to wear heels… Sometimes I see it let.

Be on heels has been the most cherished dream of 17-year-old Uliana Mironova, now living in the district Dikanka Poltava region. The girl was born with a split spine (spina bifida) — between the shoulder blades stuck out like a lumbar hernia, containing liquid. And tests for magnetic resonance imaging showed that the spinal cord, right in the center, the child has cartilage build-up, similar to a long needle. It begins in the lumbar and ends in early breast. Besides, as it turned out, the sale of numerous cysts in the spinal cord, partial paralysis of the lower limbs shortening of the right leg two centimeters.

— “Give up the baby, she will not have to speak or stand, let alone walk. And you young, give birth more,” he advised me in the hospital, — tells mother of Juliana Tatiana Mironova. — But my husband even thought this could not allow. Since literally every minute of our lives is the fight against the disease daughter.

Despite the fact that doctors gave disappointing forecasts, in a year and seven months she began to walk. Parents used a variety of methods of treatment and rehabilitation — Juliana went to the pool, hanging on the horizontal bar. It seemed possible to obtain good results. But already in the first class, the girl appeared the first signs of scoliosis, which began to develop rapidly. To stop the disease with the help of a corset, which I was wore almost around the clock, failed. In 15 years she couldn’t without him to take another step. The angle of curvature of the spine has reached 70 percent, pinched internal organs, started severe pain. Help can only operation.

— I am very afraid of her, but my daughter insisted: “we Have to try!” — says Tatiana. — Intervention conducted in the Metropolitan hospital “OKHMATDYT”. Wonderful orthopedic surgeon Anatoly Levitsky has installed a special metal structure that holds the spine in the correct position. But the complexity of the operation was the fact that during mounting the construction not to touch in the spinal cord of cartilage build-up and damaging the spinal cord. Fortunately, everything went perfectly. Going into intensive care, I immediately asked my daughter to move my fingers. When I saw that they work, realized that the danger had passed.

Выровняли спину и растянули позвонки: юной переселенке с Донбасса сделали уникальную операцию в...
* Before and after surgery

Why Ulyana’s having this pathology of the spine? Doctors do not exclude that could be impacted by the Chernobyl radiation. Mother Ulyana grew up in the Zhytomyr region, parts of which were in the area of infection.

Professionals who observed the daughter, advised not to do the operation, — says Tatiana Mironova. — We stood on the account in the Metropolitan Institute of neurosurgery, was regularly surveyed. Thank God, cartilage formation did not cause concern. Although doctors warned that over time may appear curvature of the spine. To delay the moment when you have to put a metal structure, my daughter was doing special exercises, almost every day I went swimming, worked with a personal trainer, went to the massage therapist. To strengthen the back muscles helped hippotherapy — OLE picked a quiet horse. We lived in Horlivka, where he was able to do my daughter’s health.

You were told that the child even walk can’t…

Ula went to a year and seven months. We managed to lift a partial paresis of the lower extremities. But because of abnormalities of the foot and shortening of the legs daughter often fell. She was always with bruises, broken knees and elbows. Anyway UHL loved to play with her friends in the yard, jump rope, running. I went to school together with their peers.

When the first signs of scoliosis, my parents took the child to the Institute of orthopedics and traumatology, Kiev. And six months later at the second consultation revealed: curvature of the spine has reached 17 degrees.

The daughter was forced to wear a tight corset, which had to be customized, — says the mother. — I remember one Professor of the Kharkov Institute of pathology of spine and joints looked at chest x-ray, then at his daughter and immediately called a colleague: “I Have an appointment the girl with the septum in the spinal cord. Imagine, she came on my legs! It’s a miracle!”

In the summer of 2014 one after another city in the Donbas began to move under the control of separatists. The Mironov family did not wait until the war is coming to their house. Moved to Dikanka Poltava region. Valuable took only a suitcase with clothes and old Uline guitar. Borrowed from relatives and friends money bought in Dikanka old house.

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Unfortunately, scoliosis Uliana had progressed and she was transferred to home schooling — long sit behind a Desk she could not. Appeared tachycardia, start up the pressure, sometimes there was vomiting. During a regular fit of the corset, the Director of Kharkiv, medical center “Orthospine” Dmitry Chekryzhev said, “Corneotherapy does not give the desired effect.” Agreed with working in the Metropolitan hospital “OHMATDET” children’s orthopedist Anatoly Levitsky on the consultation.

When Uliana had S-shaped scoliosis has reached the fourth degree, began to suffer spinal cord and internal organs. The angle of spinal curvature was more than 70 degrees. Without a corset, made of plastic, she couldn’t make a step — was there 24 hours a day. He rubbed the skin on the thighs to bruises that have become hard as corn. And in summer under the corset of the whole body itched and itched.

— “Ohmatdyt” said that without the surgery, the situation will only get worse — continues Tatiana. — Internal organs were crushed, had an increased risk of death. But the operation had a very difficult and risky: it was necessary to align the spine so as not to disrupt the cartilaginous septum in the spinal cord. The slightest mistake, the surgeon — the child is able to remain forever confined to a wheelchair. I cried and didn’t know what to do. The decision was made by the daughter. “We’ll risk it!” — said Juliana.

The girl wanted to say goodbye to baggy clothes, wear beautiful dress with open back and join the heels. But money for the operation of the family where only the father was not. Only the titanium design was worth nearly a hundred thousand hryvnia. And needed money for drugs.

I reached out to charities, — continues mother. — But I was told that there are children with more serious problems. Only when the page Foundation writer Serhiy Zhadan posted about Ulyana, there is hope that ordinary people will not leave us in the lurch. To raise funds and joined the inhabitants of Dikanka. Children from the school where the daughter was studying on an individual plan, held a charity fair, the village Council allocated money.

But most of all tried to collect the necessary sum itself is ul’yanka. She painted pictures to order and set aside the money for the operation. For the first time the female had made its work in the Lilac grove in Dikanka, where you can enjoy the festivities. Someone bought paintings to support her, and someone just gave money. Mother and daughter will never forget the lady who came up to him and with tears in his eyes handed the last twelve hryvnia: “Take it!”

Выровняли спину и растянули позвонки: юной переселенке с Донбасса сделали уникальную операцию в...
* Uliana Mironova loves to draw portraits, and she is good at it. Photo by the author

…The talent of the artist Uliana had appeared unexpectedly after moving to Dikan’ka. In a new place the girl for some time there was no computer, no Internet. And in order to escape from the constant pain and the sad thoughts, she started to paint (formerly “FACTS” told the amazing story of ten girls, which is the act of drawing helped to beat cancer). The first paintings, landscapes, portraits and still lifes, written in pencil in the usual sketch pad. But they are interested in a Kiev journalist Alena Lvova visiting a charity exhibition of works of talented children, arranged in the Verkhovna Rada. Here were exposed the pictures of Uliana Mironova. Alena wrote about the fate of girls on Facebook. Fundraising has gone actively and aspiring artist came oil paints, canvases and brushes and sent them an artist. Each Ulyana from Dikanka made her an easel, to make it easier to work with. The girl was standing and sitting, and even lying for him with brush in hand until late in the evening. As the weekend drew 14-15 hours.

— I received orders from almost all over Ukraine. I appreciate your work inexpensive — customers sometimes do pay more, — says Ulyana.

Soon Dikansky gallery, which had purchased a series of paintings Uliana, staged an exhibition of her work. (Recently the gallery exhibited them in Poltava.) Talented girl became known as the future Mary Bashkirtsevoy (famous artist born in the village Havrontsi Dikansky district, who lived in Paris). Ulyana in Milan even invited, but she has so far refused — said that he had not reached the proper level.

Выровняли спину и растянули позвонки: юной переселенке с Донбасса сделали уникальную операцию в...
* Dikansky gallery, which had purchased a series of paintings Uliana, staged an exhibition of her work, recently the gallery exhibited them in Poltava

Despite the condition, Juliana for the second year five times a week gets on the bus from school to a regional centre to study. In the Poltava Polytechnic College it is the profession of system administrator. Drive for 30 kilometers in one end of a tedious, but cheaper than rent housing.

— Sometimes, in a minibus stuffed so many people that neither inhale nor exhale, and when he was still in the corset, it was generally horror — with a smile says Juliana. — Of course, I was tired in the classroom. If it was unbearable, went to the infirmary, and the nurse laid me down on the couch. But I really wanted to learn, to obtain marketable skills. And even more wanted to do the surgery and forget about the back pain.

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Host of “for this reason mit year because” (STB) Dasha Tregubova was delighted, having seen his portrait, painted by Ulyana. In the talk show of channel Ulyana mom did when I was desperate and didn’t know where to find the money for the operation. STB has supported the girl financially. And when a smiling young artist from Dikanka after surgery I went to the TV Studio, everyone gasped in amazement. She wore a beautiful dress with open back and, of course, high heels.

Выровняли спину и растянули позвонки: юной переселенке с Донбасса сделали уникальную операцию в...
* Juliana wanted to wear a dress with an open back and stiletto high heel. Photo from Facebook

So, together they have collected the necessary sum for the operation and treatment. The remaining money the Mironov family that lives modestly, listed on the treatment five-year Kostik Suskovo of Dikanka, which is already two years struggling with cancer. Now Juliana draws pictures for the sake of Kostik. She, like anyone else, understands how important it is to unite people around the issue of one person, and as a way to each hryvnia.

— Scoliosis of the fourth degree, extremely severe the curvature, which severely deform the spine, spinal cord and internal organs, — said “FACTS” head of Department of pediatric surgery of National medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Levitsky operated Uliana “Ohmatdyt”. — Because the angle of curvature in the hive was already 76 degrees, you had to install a metal structure to strengthen the spine. But it was only half the story. The problem was that the spinal cord of the patient divides vertically into two parts of bone wall, which was dangerous to touch. We had to align and stretch the vertebrae, without hitting the wall that could pinch and damage the spinal cord. In these cases, alas, irreversible processes. We managed to cope with the task.

— Surgeons have done jewelry work, — wipes tears Tatiana. — Nothing is more important than the baby’s health for mother not. While Uliana impossible to do sharp movements, lift weights, ride a bike. But these restrictions will be removed. New design baby no need — the growth zone is already closed. At first she suffered because of his small stature, but now is positive. Classmates and friends often hug her with the words: “you’re small!” Her a nice hug…

Выровняли спину и растянули позвонки: юной переселенке с Донбасса сделали уникальную операцию в...
* “First daughter suffered because of his small stature, but now finds this positive aspects: classmates and friends often hug her,” says mom. Photo from the page Uliana Mironova in Facebook

Now I’m scared to think about the pain that was experienced before, says Juliana. — I can go at least ten miles a day, often walking in the woods, which is near the house. Appreciate what you have the ability to simply walk. Realized his dream — to earn from the sale of paintings money and savings scholarship, bought an electric guitar.

We will remind, earlier, during a straight line of “FACTS” pediatric orthopedist of the highest category, honored doctor of Ukraine, candidate of medical Sciences Tamara Polishchuk told how to protect the student from scoliosis.

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