Loboda showed as booked on the show Lindemann

Лобода показала, как побывала на шоу Линдеманна

The singer flew to Dusseldorf (Germany).

The disgraced Ukrainian pop-artist Svetlana Loboda, which not so long ago from the hospital in Moscow took the leader of the legendary rock band Rammstein, went home the frontman of the German rock band till Lindemann.

She has managed to post there first shots. Photo controversial celebrity posted on his page on Instagram a few stories from Germany.

So, one of them shows the airport, another displays a list of concerts Rammstein. The star commented that all tickets for the show of the famous rock band have already sold out. Rumor has it that Loboda was there not by accident. According to fans, where she arrived for a meeting with her lover Till Lindemann.

Tilla and Svetlana have long suspected a relationship, some even confident that the German musician is the father of youngest daughter Loboda. Especially strongly these rumors erupted after the man took the artist a special gift.

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