Locked in the Decathlon, a teenager of 15 years old is the bike in the store

Enfermé dans le Décathlon, un ado de 15 ans fait du vélo dans le magasin

The events took place Saturday evening in the Decathlon of Odysseum, not far from Montpellier, in the Hérault department.

A teenager, 15 years old, stood on the toilet with the headphones on when messages warning them of the impending closure of the store have been released.

When he came out of the TOILET, the curtain had fallen, and he could not get out of the Decathlon. The young man then shouted to ask if there was someone inside. In vain.

He found himself all alone in the store closed. To escape boredom, he is riding a bike, and walked through the aisles of the store.

During his walk, he managed to recover 3 cell phones and a sum of 13 euros, which he used to buy food from a vending machine

Alerted by the alarm signal of the store, the police officers came to the scene and found the teen riding the bicycle.

He explained to the police that he used the bike to try to find a way out. Already known to the police, the young man gets away with a simple reminder of the law.