London snatched the title of world capital of fashion in New York

Londres ravit le titre de capitale mondiale de la mode à New YorkLondres ravit le titre de capitale mondiale de la mode à New York
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According to a survey conducted on the Internet by Global Language Monitor, the british capital is putting an end to the reign of New York city through the association of princess Kate and Alexander McQueen.

This ranking, determined from the number of references on the Internet, had been largely dominated by New York in recent years, but 2011 seems to mark the end of the era of “Sex and the City”, to leave room for the royal style the duchess of Cambridge and her wedding dress signed Alexander McQueen.

We see the impact that two authentic stars of the media, princess Kate and Alexander McQueen can have upon a global ranking. Our figures show that their presence has given the advantage to London over New York, “said Bekka Payack, the corresponding mode in Manhattan, the Global Language Monitor.

London and New York were followed by Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The cities of Barcelona, Singapore, Tokyo and Berlin are also in the top10.

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