Longueuil: YES Quebec meeting in assembly

Delegates from OUI Quebec want to put the subject of Quebec independence back in the foreground.

Delegates from the United Organizations for Independence, commonly known as OUI Quebec, met in a general meeting Saturday in Longueuil.

They adopted the new version of their action plan and mobilization, with the objective of putting citizens back at the heart of the Quebec independence project. The situation in Catalonia was on the agenda.

The president of OUI Quebec, former trade unionist Claudette Carbonneau gave the opening speech in the morning. She regrets that the subject of sovereignty has “disappeared from the stakes of election campaigns” in recent years.

“The last election last October was particularly evident in this respect. This is a troubling situation in Quebec, “she said in an interview.

According to the former president of the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN), the 1995 referendum was the great political debate on this issue and since then, the subject has been practically evacuated from party electoral platforms even if it remains present in the programs of certain political formations.

Claudette Carbonneau believes, however, that “the time has come to propose a state of the situation of Quebec society to the citizens”.

She points out that about 1.8 million registered voters in the most recent provincial poll were not born, not of voting age or not yet in Quebec at the time of the 1995 referendum.

“I think it explains very well why we see statistics as surprising as 54% of Quebecois who define themselves as neither federalist nor independence,” observes the activist who sees a good argument for putting the project back on the agenda.

“Quebec has changed a lot, Canada too, we must update the project and combine it with the issues of concern to today’s society,” says Ms. Carbonneau.

To leave the independentist circle

The president of the OUI Quebec movement acknowledges that the sweep of the Coalition avenir Quebec last October and the relegation of the Parti Quebecois to the rank of third opposition was “an electroshock” for the separatists.

Its organization, which brings together members of civil society and is not linked to political parties, also wants to revive popular reflection by leaving sovereignist closed circles.

YES Quebec is working on a large national foundation whose objective would be to take stock of the situation of Quebec society and talk about the future.

“Where did we go as a Quebec society economically, socially and environmentally? And what are our aspirations? “Wonders Claudette Carbonneau.

This starting point would allow, according to her, to relaunch the question of independence “as another way to get us out of the constitutional status quo”.

Nearly a quarter of a century after the 1995 referendum, Ms. Carbonneau believes it is time to ask the question again.