Lorraine: the hit and hits and kills a child of two years before taking flight

Lorraine: le chauffard percute et tue un enfant de deux ans avant de prendre la fuite

A man of 49 years at the wheel of a pickup truck has killed a little boy of two years old on Saturday the 23rd in the afternoon at Luneville. The invididu was probably in the phone.

The rescue could do nothing to revive the little victim. A little boy of two and a half years died accidentally Saturday mid-day in Lunéville (Meurthe-et-Moselle), after having been run over by a vehicle, which fled. The hit and was eventually arrested. He was on the phone at the time of the facts.

The young boy born in 2017 was under the care of his grandmother. He had escaped the vigilance of the latter so that she was at the hairdresser’s, and that the door to the lounge had been open, “said the prosecutor of the Republic of Nancy. According to the first elements of the investigation, the child would have fallen between two cars, overtaking on the pavement, and “a white van flowing normally on the taxiway is placed on the body of the child and would have taken the leak accelerating”, continued the magistrate.

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Forewarned, my fire department quickly arrived on site and began a lengthy cardiac massage on the little victim, to no avail. The police also visited the site to take measurements on the floor and gather the first elements of the investigation as well as evidence explains The Is a Republican.

The operation of the cctv cameras has helped to get their hands on a suspect. The man was at the wheel of his vehicle, but he was driving it for personal purposes. According to the first elements of the investigation, he was on the phone when he struck the little boy of 2 years. He recognized that he had felt “shock” and explained that it had seen a witness, “to make gestures in his direction.”

The individual, aged 49 years, must be presented to the public prosecutor on Monday, in order to review.


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