Loser of the year: in the USA unknown the jackpot of $63 million and was for the win

Неудачник года: в США неизвестный сорвал джекпот в $63 млн и не явился за выигрышем

Loser of the year: in the USA unknown the jackpot of $63 million and was for the win

Author: Paul Cote

To assign unclaimed winnings even tried a cheater. Photo: Depositphotos

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If you think that life is unfair to your destiny, then think about the person, seize the win in $63 million. In August 2015, someone bought a lottery ticket SuperLotto Plus, in Chatsworth (California) and a few days later hit the jackpot. It would seem that someone’s dream came true. However, time passed, and the winner, all is not declared.

As you know – “a Holy place is never empty”. To assign unclaimed winnings soon attempted fraud. A Brandy Milliner said that he is the mysterious lucky winner, claiming the $63 million Man presented a ticket which was badly damaged. According to him, it was an accident because he allegedly wasn’t particularly worried for his safety. However, the Commission suspected that in the history of the latter-day winner is the catch, and no mistake.

The man was very close to the implementation of the plan Scam. As soon as Milliner said that he is happy jackpot winner, he even sent a letter of congratulation. However, the joy was short-lived, because soon the special Commission found: the ticket is in such a state that determine its authenticity is not possible. In response Milliner filed a lawsuit on SuperLotto Plus, claiming that the company specifically stalling, not wanting to pay out the winnings.

In the end, the scammer has lost a court case. Prosecutors were able to prove that the ticket is damaged specially, I figured out where it was purchased. Fake Milliner bought in 7-Eleven convenience store, located in Los Angeles, while the winning combination was issued at the point of the same name, but in the city of Chatsworth. Thus, Brandy Milliner left with nothing.

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However, an end to this judicial Saga also means that $63 million to become the largest unclaimed prize in the history of the state of California. The identity of the winner-loser remained a secret, as reasons why he didn’t show up for such a large jackpot. Perhaps people without knowing it, lost the only chance to get rich, and maybe he’s one of those who believes, what not in money happiness.

We will remind: on 14 July we wrote about the 9-times winners of the lottery, which just entered the ticket the same figures.

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