Louisiana – an explosion at a chemical plant

В Луизиане - взрыв на химическом заводе

According to local officials, the explosion at a chemical plant in Louisiana is felt for many kilometers.

According to official information, the explosion at a chemical plant in Louisiana shook several villages in the district, however, the representatives of the company Dow Louisiana Operations in Baton Rouge claim that no one in the result is not affected.

The cause of the explosion was an accident on the tanker at the plant near Plaquemine. The company assured that no chemical contamination, and noise – is the most significant consequence of the disaster.

The tanker blocked the flow of air to stop the possible spread of fire, are held in place by the air control tests. Smoke rising from the plant, is steam from water collectors, instead of chemical exhaust.

What substances are in the tanker and why it exploded, has not been disclosed. The company says that cooperates with regulatory authorities and rescuers.