Love is in the meadow : Julie and Jean-Michel, a couple iconic season 12, announce their separation

L'amour est dans le pré : Julie et Jean-Michel, un couple emblématique de la saison 12, annoncent leur séparation

While season 13 of The love is in the meadow just ended on M6, former contestants of season 12, Julie and Jean-Michel come to announce their break-up.

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Encounters, couples to form or break up, so goes the life of love is in the meadow. Has every season of one of the key programmes of M6, viewers take of affection for couples iconic and follow their relationship at the discretion of the episodes. M6 offers the same emissions attributable to the continuation of the adventure of the couples of the previous editions. And sometimes it’s the candidates or the couples themselves who give of their news. The last in date ? Julie and Jean-Michel season 12 have announced their break-up. It is on their account Facebook specially created to give news to their fans that the information was given this week. Julie refers at length to the end of their story : “This time we are there, we have tried everything, but it is inevitable, we love each other but are so different, that none of us finds happiness…

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The candidate of the specific program : “We will have the satisfaction of having tried and shut down before to hurt us again… this love that I bring to Jean-Michel, but to that I ask you to keep silent for fear of suffering further will not be sufficient in view of our big differences, him the man of the city, opposite to me small-scale farmer…” Julie is a breeder of horses in Normandy, Jean-Michel, for his part, has the same passion. It was this that had moved closer under the gaze of the viewers.

Despite this, “even the love of horses will not be able to bring us closer to the opposite… for me, it was the first real history.” she says still on Facebook. Conscious that the life of their relationship had been public, it adds these last words : “You were the first spectators of our meeting, I wanted to tell you how much I love this man and I believe he loves me too… but it does unfortunately not always find the happiness…” A new one, which should not surprise the host of the show, Karine Le Marchand. She explained recently why the farmers had trouble finding love.

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