Lukashenko is changing the government of Belarus because of “apathy”

Лукашенко меняет правительство Беларуси из-за "пофигизма"

According to the head of the state, the only reason for the failure of his assignments is to “pofigistka the government’s attitude to the orders of the President”. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting on implementation of instructions for the integrated development of the Orshansky district demanded this week to make his proposals for changes in the leadership of the government, reports the with reference to BelTA.

According to the head of the state, the only reason for the failure of his assignments is to “pofigistka the government’s attitude to the orders of the President”. “So this week to make proposals on the replacement of the entire leadership of the government, all the tops of the cadre that formed me – demanded the President.

Alexander Lukashenko instructed to make proposals for the Ministers of industry and construction. “He sat, could not repair the roof is to implement orders of the President. Who had the right to override my decision? Why are not complied with, why not do as I said? Why is the trust doing?” – asked the head of state.

“Pozniak (Chairman of the Orsha district Executive Committee. – Approx. BelTA) – the resignation and find him another job, ‘” said the head of state.

“And God forbid there will not be made that you have outlined (yesterday you this program launched), and what I instructed, warned Alexander Lukashenko. – Alternatively, send Vovk (industry Minister Vitaly Vovk. – Approx. BelTA) here – will pull the whole industry. In what position, I Sherstnev said: let determined. Will do – will go where I said yesterday”.

Alexander Lukashenko criticized the Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Zharko for defects in the development of the health sector.

“Why didn’t you come to me, not said. Why do you corrupt the Corruptor sits and corrupt chases, and then you do not have time. In Gomel you don’t have time, here you don’t have time”, – said the head of state.

“I’ll tell you about heroism? The President has set publicly before the people a concrete task. To decide the point. And you have engaged in sabotage,” he described the situation as a whole Alexander Lukashenko.

“Yesterday with me in the delegation were ordinary, simple people. And then they tell me: Lukashenko, you nerves torn on this toolmaker? There it was necessary to gather tool factory, headed by Paznyak, the entire Executive Committee (one hundred and fifty people work), all on Saturday. Two of the clean – up and put everything in order. You what it can’t do? Go and so on all the plants,” – said the Belarusian leader.

“Severe reprimand Sherstnev for the hideous sloppy. The leadership of the government I said. Vovk, Black (Minister of architecture and construction. – Approx. BelTA) immediately resign. Digilio and Sasu (Chairman of goskomvoenproma and the state Secretary of the security Council. – Approx. BelTA) – complete service mismatch. Not to fix to fall the case wouldn’t tell me at every enterprise will go there too. All other responsible and other I’m just warning you”.

“Imagine the new Chairman of the Executive Committee (this position nominated by the Chairman of the Committee for architecture and construction of the Vitebsk oblast Executive Committee Igor Isachenko. – Approx. BelTA ) today and put each task in all companies. It to be implemented. Will try without the government to implement. We have some reserves in the budget and the banks instructed the head of state. And God forbid, to November 7, there will be no progress. I’ll come take a look. Going to lax for another meeting. God forbid my eye will catch on somewhere is wrong.”

At the meeting Alexander Lukashenko quoted and commented on some of the results and “achievements”, which reported officials. The “generated lists of unused or inefficiently used property” – lists formed! That is, the sheet drew, wrote that under the bulldozer, and what will sell. Week of work! And whether it is actually supposed to do? he asked. – “Determined to implement specific investment projects”. We were, she had no idea what to do tomorrow. What specific projects? “Defined the directions of work on increase of efficiency of Loutraki”. I have defined and set the goals. What you have there determined the direction of work? Here the work failed completely, but that we will consider in September-October.”

“Improved employment of the population”. Activated, raised, raised – as in Soviet times! “Approved a programme until 2020″. Where, show me one company where you have brought the machinery, equipment, put people, and they new work. Anywhere. You boast that you took out the garbage and remnants of concrete and other scrap”, – stated the head of state.

Yesterday the President visited a number Orsha enterprises, including tool factory, a meat-packing plant “Orshaagroprommash” and “communication technology” in the city of Baran. The President reported on financial-economic indicators in each of the organizations, their business activities and prospects of the work.

Then the head of state got familiarized with organization of production and technological processes in the factories. Alexander Lukashenko, as a rule, did not follow a prearranged route, and personally examined every inch of territory of the enterprises looked to where even on the eve of the arrival of the President was not going to restore order.

After what I saw there, President Alexander Lukashenko harshly criticized the quality of the work of local authorities, management of industries and enterprises to develop the industrial sector in the district.

The head of state during the meeting, shared his impressions from visiting of “when”. “In some classrooms technology floors where people work, went – horror. Ask what this building (supertanya, there are none in the country) – “we are for sale, it is under the bulldozer, it’s there.” And the task was Sasu and Digilio in the appointment that all areas should be involved. There we should create the model of the MIC plant,” he said.

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