Lukashenko told about the historical choice of Belarus

Лукашенко рассказал об историческом выборе Беларуси

The President has advocated a multi-vector policy.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that his country will not choose between East and West, and will stretch the “hand of friendship to all,” according to the with reference on the European truth.

He said this on 2 July, speaking at a solemn meeting devoted to independence Day of Belarus.

“For independence we have already overpaid. Therefore, we will do everything possible to preserve peace, not only in his land but also to warn of the planet’s inhabitants from a repetition of the terrible lessons of history. Realizing itself inalienable part of Europe and the former Soviet Union, we extend our hand of friendship and cooperation to all,” – said Lukashenko.

He stressed that Belarus will not choose between the West and East: “Our people choose independence, peace and partnership. We choose Belarus!” Lukashenka said.

Separately Lukashenko stressed that Belarus is a quarter of a century “radically changed its position in the world,” and it is “confident sounds on the international markets”. “Our country became a provider of security and stability in Central Europe”, – said the Belarusian President.

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