Lussier refuses to publish a video on the Grandes-Fourches Bridge

Prompt to make public all the documents surrounding the Well Inc. project, Mayor Steve Lussier is less eager to publish documents concerning the move of the Grandes-Fourches Bridge. After agreeing to broadcast Tuesday night a video illustrating the new layout of the bridge, he retracted Wednesday.

The video presentation of the Grandes-Fourches Nord revitalization project, which was originally to be published by the City of Sherbrooke in December 2015, is not likely to be made public.

At the December 21, 2015 municipal council, the council adopted a resolution to inform the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) of its intention to move the Grandes-Fourches Bridge, relocate the rue des Grandes-Fourches Nord and request a financial contribution of $ 15 million to the MTQ. It also stated that “the video presentation of the project will be available on the City’s website as soon as this resolution is approved by City Council”.

However, the video was never published, so La Tribune sent a request for access to information to the City of Sherbrooke by the end of the following year. Said application was refused on November 4, 2016 “as of the date hereof, the video requested is still only a sketch, a draft or a draft” referring to Article 9 paragraph 2 of the Law on access to information.

The request was however renewed with the mayor Steve Lussier, who had agreed to send the video Tuesday before retracting Wednesday. In the Communications Department of the City of Sherbrooke, it states that the decision rendered in November 2016 remains the same and that the mayor was unaware that it had been the subject of an access to information request. It is also mentioned that the project has changed since 2015 and the video is no longer current.

Let’s not forget that Sherbrooke MP Luc Fortin confirmed Tuesday that an agreement had been reached between the City of Sherbrooke and the Quebec Ministry of Transport concerning the financing of the Grandes-Fourches Bridge. The details of the agreement will be made public at the beginning of March at a press briefing.

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