Macron has called Italy “cynical and irresponsible”

Макрон назвал Италию "циничной и безответственной"

The President of France Emmanuel macron has accused the Italian government in the “cynicism and irresponsibility” because it refused to leave Italy to rescue the ship with almost a thousand migrants.The vessel “Aquarius” 629 migrants on Board was forced to go to the open sea between Italy and Malta, a dispute arose and none of the countries did not agree to accept it, writes the

Later, Spain agreed to accept refugees and two Italian ship helped deliver them to the Spanish port of Valencia.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte angrily spoke out against France calling it a stance on migrants “hypocritical”.

He criticized “a country that always prefers to look the other way when it comes to immigration”.

Over the last five years Italy has adopted more than 640 000 mostly African migrants and said that her EU partners should help in this matter.

Most of the migrants survived a dangerous flight from North Africa, fall within the overcrowded Italian camp.

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