Macron has told about results of meeting with Putin

Макрон рассказал об итогах встречи с Путиным

Macron called the conversation “a direct, honest and very fruitful”, the President of France Emmanuel macron gave a positive assessment of the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling Thursday held talks “with a direct, honest and very fruitful,” reports the with reference to the UNN.

The corresponding statement macron made at a joint press conference after talks with Putin in the Konstantinovsky Palace of St. Petersburg, reports UNN with reference to TASS.

“I want to begin by thanking President Putin for the reception. We just had the conversation tete-a-tete, then the conversation in the extended format, which was, as it always happens between us, very direct and honest,” said macron.

As noted, the French President, the conversation the two leaders “had lasted longer than was originally envisaged”. “This is due to the fact that it was very fruitful. I think I can say that it has enabled us to conduct an in-depth exchange of views and to discuss the vision of our history and of our duty at the present stage”, — he said.

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