Man was burned alive in Tesla, because he has not opened the door

Мужчина заживо сгорел в Tesla, потому что не открылась дверь

The widow of a father of five in Florida is suing the company Tesla after her late husband was burned alive in the accident Model S, because the electronic door lock is not opened during the fire.

Omar Awan (Awan Omar), 48-year-old anesthesiologist, died on February 24 after he lost control of the Model S and crashed into a palm tree. A police officer who witnessed the accident, tried to open the door of the car, but the electronics failed – the handle has not been available to open. “Elegant design-door Model S hides everything that you can draw, or open, until the recessed handles at the expense of the electronics”, – stated in the lawsuit.

As the car caught fire and flames spread, the door handle was not just locked, but “drowned” in the door. Police could only watch helplessly as the victim is dying.

The Kentron had no internal injuries or fractures, and he died from the smoke that is inhaled when sat locked inside, according to court documents.