Mandatory Overtime: McCann’s “Number One File”

While Quebec nurses hold their day of mobilization against mandatory overtime on Monday, Health Minister Danielle McCann says it is her “number one” issue, and even if the situation will settle “not unfortunately in two days”, his government and health facilities are already hard at work to correct the problem.

“We are going to make all the steps faster,” promises the minister.

She recalls that her government has committed to abolishing mandatory overtime in its mandate. Recent investments of 200 million for the hiring of personnel, deemed insufficient by nursing unions, will accord to McCann to limit the use of mandatory overtime.

The minister says she understands the impatience of the nurses who, with their demonstration on Monday, want to denounce the systematic use of mandatory overtime.

It ensures that health facility leaders want to eliminate the need for mandatory overtime and that “today’s day will demonstrate that it is possible”. Without accusing school leaders to demonstrate laziness who used way too fast to mandatory overtime until now, McCann says Monday’s mobilization sends a “strong signal”.

Already, efforts are underway in the health network, says M me McCann. For example, the Lanaudiere region has increased all of its nursing positions to four days a week to avoid the use of mandatory overtime during the week. “There are ways to do something in the medium term network,” says M me McCann.

Last week, the Interprofessional Health Federation, a union of 76,000 nurses and licensed practical nurses, asked its members to refuse collectively Monday any request for mandatory overtime. On Friday, the Administrative Labor Tribunal recalled the obligation to accept compulsory overtime in “urgent and exceptional” situations.

Minister McCann says she has “great faith” in nurses and is confident that the health and safety of patients is not at risk today.

Inauguration of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Technopole at Ste-Justine UHC

Danielle McCann was on Monday morning in Montreal to inaugurate the new premises of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Technopole at CHU Ste-Justine.

Built at a cost of $31.32 million, shared by the provincial government ($9.4 million) and the federal government ($15.66 million), the new premises are located on the site of the Marie-Enfant Center, in the east of Montreal.

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