Manuela, 16 years, found brutally murdered in a park

Manuela, 16 ans, retrouvée sauvagement assassinée dans un parc

The body without life of Manuela sterben, aged 16 years, was found in a park in Wiener Neustadt, near Vienna, Austria.

It was his mother who, worried not to have news from the day before, made the macabre discovery Sunday morning, around 10: 00, in this public garden located near the family home.

The victim was covered with leaves and branches. Manuela has been brutally murdered, the authorities have not wanted to reveal the causes of death.

Her ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old, is not found and is actively sought by the police.

The two young people went out together for about a year, but they had broken up before getting back together.

This is the third woman murdered in Austria in less than 6 days. On Tuesday, it is a forty-something woman was killed 38-stabbing by her husband to Amstetten, and the next day is a 50 year-old woman who was stabbed to death.