Manufacturer of racing SUVs Bowler will release the traffic model

Производитель гоночных внедорожников Bowler выпустит дорожную модель

About the new car are not yet known.

The British company Bowler involved in the construction of racing off-road vehicles, announced the release of a new traffic model. The car will be built in the Land Rover Defender will be equipped with a V-shaped “eight” capacity of over 400 horsepower. The base of the product will lie the chassis of its own design Bowler – Cross Sector Platform (CSP).

In the teaser, Defender will get led optics and fender flares. Platform CSP consists of a unified model of subsystems and components, which allows the use of a common architecture for building different cars. In particular, with the wheel formula 6×6.

The first car built on the new platform, was the prototype CSP Concept Vehicle. With it, the company has demonstrated that vehicles with “truck” CSP can be used to serve law enforcement units of border and customs control, transportation of staff and for research and humanitarian missions.

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