Many canadian employers are not willing to legalization (PHOTOS)

Многие канадские работодатели не готовы легализации  (ФОТО)

World Congress on cannabis showed that many canadian employers are not ready for the fast approaching legalization of marijuana.

Jason Fleming, Vice President, human resources manufacturer of marijuana Ontario MedReleaf, said there is still no approved version of the final test, but many employers still have not conducted training for employees new policy.

“Employers must prepare, conduct training and to form policy on this matter, but in many cases they still have really outdated, anecdotal information, he said Monday in Saint John. – Must be prepare to understand the differences between recreational and medical products. I think that getting reliable information may be the most important element,” he said.

Tests on urine and saliva can detect THC – the active ingredient in marijuana, but it does not necessarily indicate the activity, as it can take 24 to 48 hours for elimination from the body of THC.

According to a recent study at the University of calgary, a test worker can show a positive result, even if he was exposed to smoke in a poorly ventilated area.

Currently there is no Federal labour standards for the testing for drugs and alcohol, not counting military posts.

The canadian Union of public employees warns employers from using legalization as a pretext for a more aggressive policy against random drug testing, which previously was very rare to create a legal barrier to protect workers ‘ rights.

Patrick Oland, CFO of Moosehead Breweries, said at the Congress that a key issue is safety. He said that his company has a number of posts that require staff beer tasting, so they are not rules regarding the content of alcohol in the blood, but the entire staff, which exploits the transport equipment must be completely sober for safety.

Fleming said that the drafting of a policy on this issue is only half the story. The second half lies in the fact that it is correctly implemented.

Cannabis world Congress ended on Tuesday

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