Margarita Gracheva as she now lives, which her husband cut off both hands

Margarita Gracheva

Today, 25 November, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, we decided to recall the terrible story of Margarita Gracheva, where a husband chopped off with an axe both hands in December last year. On the preconditions of the crime, the court and the new life of a girl who’s almost a year living with a prosthesis instead of hands, talk in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.

Marriage and the preconditions for the crime

Margarita and Dmitriy Grachev got married in 2012. In marriage they had two children, Dimitri and Daniel. According to most girls, the relationship between her and her husband began to deteriorate in the summer of 2017. Margaret told me that while she and her husband have lived as neighbors.

Came home from work, ate, went to bed. Everyone was minding my own business,

she said in an interview.

Realizing that marriage can not be saved, she decided to file for divorce. After that her life became a living hell. When Margaret announced her decision to Dmitry, he began to behave aggressively, scandals, was jealous of her.

He hated what I was doing manicure, suspected me if I wore underwear of the same color. Poured all the shampoos, lotions, and empty tubes put in place. He was angry that I quickly went up the hill at work,

— said Grachev.

Margarita Gracheva children

Apparently, then, in the mind of Dmitry and began brewing a terrible plan crimes. He suddenly changed the temper justice with mercy, moved out of the apartment, and even remembered his fatherly duties — sometimes I became to help the wife with children.

And then, on 10 November, he first took the Margarita into the woods, where he threatened her with a knife. Silent she did not, and the next day wrote a statement to the police. But this does not lead to anything.

The officer called me back after twenty days. To my question “Why so long?” replied, “This is Russia”,

— says Grachev.


11 Dec 2017 was probably the worst day in the life of Margarita Gracheva. In the morning of that fateful day she and her children drove her husband to take them to kindergarten. And then Grachev had to take her to work.

But he had other plans. He brought Margaret into the woods near the suburban town of Serpukhov, where he committed his terrible crime. He at first long tortured her, then beheaded her with an axe both hands.

Before that we drove to my mother’s suitcase, because on 14 December the kids and I and mom had to go home the snow Maiden in Kostroma, to celebrate the birthday of the eldest son — he was five years old. I wanted to put the suitcase in the trunk, but Grachev said, “Put it back,” then I don’t know what’s in the trunk already on the axe and harnesses. I got in the car. He took my phone, locked the doors. And off we went. But not to work, but in the woods,

— she said in an interview Wonderzine.

Describe in detail Margarita happened to her that day, of course, doesn’t want (and nobody wants to live through that), but nevertheless, to talk about her lack of strength and courage.

In the forest we were an hour and a half. To go into details I don’t want to. But even then, he checked what on my pants and bra — well, they were not from one set, and then perhaps he would make me something else.

Before you put into action the axe, he pulled my hands with harnesses that I did not die. Not out of pity. First, murder is another article of the criminal code. Secondly, he knows my character: at that time for me to get disability was worse than dying.

He knew how to keep the harnesses (prepared in advance), and keeping track of the time. Remember that forty minutes later, already in the car, I said I can’t feel my hands, and he said, “Fine. One-thirty, you can hold”. He took me to the hospital is like buying axe, pre-conceived and planned: the surrender removed the third period. That’s scary — to plan and live with it, smiling at me and children

— continue to remember Margaret.

In the hospital she was taken immediately to surgery. Fortunately, she was able to save one arm, left (her brush found in the woods five hours after crime). Instead of the right brushes from Gracheva is now bionic prosthesis.

The court

After the crime Grachev surrendered to police and was arrested and sent to jail. It, by the way, admitted absolutely sane.

9 Jan marriage of Margarita Gracheva and her husband was terminated. Margarita, not without difficulty, managed to deprive Grachev parental rights — her several times, she refused. But she was determined, since the presence of minor children could help “knock off” period.

I believe that a sadist can’t be a good father,

was all she said.

14 Nov Serpukhov court sentenced Dmitry Grachev to 14 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

Margarita Gracheva admits that he was afraid for the lives of children and loved ones.

He warned me: if I divorce him, cut off the hands of my mother

she says.

Mother Margarita Gracheva grandchildren


The restoration process Margaret will continue for quite a long time. She has more than one operation — as long as she’s still adjusting to his prosthetic right arm and left arm, which is not in a full measure. But Margaret did not despair: despite the fact that to learn to do many things she has just over, she’s not going to give up.

I don’t know how to write, and I need to fix this skill. I love paper books — the first time suffered that can’t turn pages, and now bought six books. Once tried to open a plastic box of blueberries — did not work, threw her into a wall. Buttons not yet know how to zip up, but it turns out better. And while using a special device,

— says Margarita.

From Gracheva now two prosthesis. One for everyday life, the other, that is, on the way out.

I asked that I didn’t do the glove, even better would be a hand like Iron man. Children in kindergarten and call me a superhero. was all she said.

The prosthesis, of course, though somewhat eased her life, but he certainly didn’t become a full replacement arm.

No sense of proportion of compression — I’m so on the first day broke the tablet, because I didn’t know just how much you can capture. Or excitement I am applying to the prosthesis the wrong signal and can’t open it. In the dark don’t understand that I take: cat or kettle. Well, that second hand is able to afford to boost,

she says.

In her confession, people really responded to it, but it’s not the biggest problem that she faced. In our country, says Grachev, for the disabled, there are practically no conditions for a normal life. Due to the fact that many of them don’t even go to the street creates the illusion that disabled people in Russia is extremely small.


About the former husband of Margaret tries not to remember.

Grachev is erased from memory, in my life, it is no more. I don’t feel neither hate nor resentment.— says Margarita.

Margaret, who used to work from a young age, is not going to sit at home doing nothing, although full time work is unlikely.

After a year or later I want to move to another group disability and find a job. Love to work and suffer. Will work 150 percent, I do. I want to be creative, organize projects — I can’t live without it. But the main thing I want to do something related to law or disability may, in the Duma will go

— says she plans.

All women who face domestic violence, she advises not to be afraid and to withdraw immediately from abuser.

We need to leave. Yes, it will be difficult, but there’s always a way. Russian laws do not protect a woman, even when it is already the worst had happened. Nice to talk and to promise to reform such men are very good at. Going in for the kill. Want to punish all men who resort to domestic violence

she said.

Despite what happened, Margaret looks at life with a positive — she never asked for help to a psychologist and was crying after that terrible day three times.

I see no reason to cry, only time to lose. Hand tears will not grow back. I think about the present and about the future. The most important thing now is my health,

— she concludes.

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