Margot Robbie told how he set the fire on thanksgiving

Margot Robbie

Think culinary art is no fad 28-year-old Margot Robbie. Moreover, cooking for the stars is sometimes very hazardous. So, the actress admitted that last year almost started a fire in his own house for thanksgiving.

Last year my friends and I celebrated thanksgiving. We had a big celebration. I was responsible for cooking the sweet potato and burned it. It was awful. This year we again divided between holiday meals, and I thought that again I would like to try to cook a sweet potato

she said in an interview with USA Today.

Her bad experience in the kitchen is not over. Last Christmas she continued her culinary experiments.

I burned the ham,

she confessed.

As a result, this year celebrated star and did her to improve her culinary skills, is unknown. But friends asked her to do without coals, burnt food and fire.

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