Marijuana will sell in online stores (PHOTOS)

Марихуану будут продавать в онлайн-магазинах (ФОТО)

As soon as October 17 in Canada will come into force on the legalization of marijuana in Ontario can sell it online. You can buy those who are 19 years or more.

Private business can start online sales only from 2019 and until the Ontario government will launch an online store of marijuana. The Ministry of Finance said all this in the first place, for the convenience of consumers.

Attorney General Carolyn Mulroney said that illegal traders will be closely fought, and online services – one of the benefits. In her opinion, it is, first and foremost, the issue of safety of children.

Online platform where you can buy hemp will belong to Ontario Cannabis Store. They will have implemented a verification system and home delivery. You can buy up to 30 grams. The online store will sell dried cannabis, cannabis oil-based, cannabis seeds and accessories.

Authorities said that all this is done for the reason that most important for them is public safety.

Some online shops are already planning their discovery by April 1, 2019. But the Ontario government has said it will provide $40 million to municipalities to “help local governments to keep their society safe” during the first two years of implementation of the process of legalization.

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