Marine Le Pen asks “head of the opposition” on France 2

Marine Le Pen se pose en "cheffe de l'opposition" sur France 2

Marine Le Pen was presented Thursday as “the head of the opposition” against Emmanuel Macron in the Issuance policy of France 2, during which it will be faced with Nathalie Loiseau, possible the top of the list LREM to the European.

Nearly two years after his debate considered a failure of the presidential election, the president of the Rassemblement national has sought to consolidate its role as the leading opponent of the edge of the campaign for the european elections of 26 may.

It was thus held that the grand debate, whose first phase ends Friday, was “not a success”, and that the president of the Republic “does not know how to get out of it”.

Asked about the demands of the “yellow vests”, it is pronounced against the increase of the Minimum wage to not weigh in “on the TPE and SMES” and the removal of tax loopholes, but reiterated its demand for the restoration of the tax on wealth (ISF), deleted at the beginning of the quinquennium. But, she said, “I am not in a war against the rich (…) I’m at war with the French the most modest.”

On the Brexit, after a vote of the british parliament in favour of the postponement of the Brexit of at least three months, Marine Le Pen stated that “in the game that is being played”, the United Kingdom and the european Union “will to find agreement”. “One has the feeling of a strategy where the two cars approached the one to the other and it is the one that will deviate at the last moment”, according to her.

The chair of the RN should detail the eu policy by discussing with Nathalie Loiseau, the minister of Europe.

The two women are écharpent regularly by the media and social networks interposed. “There is a lie by day, with Marine Le Pen”, has twisted the minister of european Affairs, that Marine Le Pen is accused of spending “his days insulting the opposition”.

Three members of the government have advised Ms. Loiseau for this debate: the minister of public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, elected as Marine Le Pen in the Hauts-de-France, Sébastien Lecornu, co-host of the Great debate, and Benjamin Griveaux, door-to-speech.

The provision of Nathalie Loiseau, which will be scanned in high places, will “test value”, according to a minister. A growing number of supporters of the macronie the would well lead the list LREM-MoDem for the election of 26 may, although this close to Alain Juppé reiterated that it is “not a candidate”.

– Vaccines and immigration –

The two women perform in concert this duel, which is part of the cleavage defended by Emmanuel Macron between “progressives” and “nationalists”, and that of Marine Le Pen between “globalists” and “national”.

According to an Ifop survey-Fiduciary disseminated on Thursday, The Republic on (24%) remains in the lead in voting intentions to the European front of the RN (21%, -1), a slight decline

The party of Marine Le Pen was found in the voting intentions of its level of the first round in the presidential election (21.3 per cent). And his image with the French people, highly degraded early 2018, has improved, even if it has not regained the levels of early 2017, according to an annual survey Kantar Tns-onepoint appeared on Tuesday.

Before Mrs. Loiseau, the president of the RN has been on the defensive in the face of his guests, which the essayist Jacques Attali and the mayor PCF Aubervilliers Meriem Derkaoui during debates disjointed, sometimes inaudible, pushing the journalist Léa Salamé to launch a STOP being desperate.

In addition, it has been accused by tweet by the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn “counter-truth” about the widespread use of the vaccine of the measles after a first death from this disease in France this year. “In this case, it is necessary to vaccinate all those who arrive in France (…) We can not say to the French: it is essential that everyone be vaccinated ; and at the same time leave the borders wide open and do not require any vaccines for the people who arrive in France,” said Marine Le Pen.

“You can’t govern a country in between people without judgment, sowing the seeds of division,” he has launched Ms Derkaoui.