“Mariupol” for the first time on the road beat “Olympic”

«Мариуполь» впервые на выезде обыграл «Олимпик»

“Mariupol” in the eighth round of the Premier League beat “Olympic” and left the relegation zone.

“Mariupol” already in the ninth minute managed to open the defense of “Olympic” – after a protracted attack Fedorchuk picked up the ball and bounced on the grass just punched in a gate corner. Guests soon were able to break away, but Fomin after a pass Mishneva his head sent the ball into the crossbar.

Marseille bounced back almost out of the blue. Balashov in the fight against Yavorskyy, earned a penalty, and Vakulenko with 11-meter mark broke Galchuk.

The key moment of the match came in the 80th minute – the goalkeeper of “Mariupol” Krynsky unsuccessfully cleared the ball after a long cast, than instantly taking advantage of experienced Fomin.

Before the final whistle “Mariupol” managed to conduct another successful attack. The hero of the day Fedorchuk after a corner took advantage of the absence of guardianship and fixed the final score – 3:1 in favor of the team, Alexander Babich.

In the ninth round “Mariupol” will, “Alexandria”, and “Olympic” in Kiev will play with “Arsenal”.

Olympic Mariupol 1:3Голы: Vakulenko, 26 (penalty) – Fedorchuk, 9, 89, Fomin, 80

Olympic: Krynsky – E. Pasic, Grishko, Kravchenko, Zubeyko – Koltsov, Vakulenko (Snurnitsyn, 88) – Polity (Teixeira 82), Balashov, Pavlo Ksyonz (Troyanovsky, 73) – Degtyarev.

Mariupol: Galchuk – Tishchenko, Jaworski, Fedorchuk, Bulls – Polehenko, Ignatenko (Boyarchuk, 73), Mishnev, Zubkov (Vakula, 62) – Churko (Demiri, 88), Fomin.

Warning: Vakulenko – Zubkov, Bulls, Ignatenko, Fedorchuk, Polehenko.

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