Masha Efrosinina called his fashion “taboo”

Маша Ефросинина назвала свои модные «табу»

Leading is one of the most stylish women in the country.

Masha Efrosinina – not only a talented presenter, but more recently, and it works. On her YouTube channel she posts interesting videos on different subjects. In the new collection of Masha decided to discuss five things that it considers unacceptable in the girl’s appearance, reports the with reference for Today.

1. Buscaglia with a push up

“I think that this is a serious, grown-up cheating men. All so you can see who need your beautiful Breasts, whatever they may be, and to stick out and “stick” it in every picture, camera, eyes going out to meet people, in my opinion, kind of dirty,” explains Maria.

2. Transparent clothing

“I understand. Wear a blouse and a t-shirt translucent it can still look sexy. But when a woman walks down the street and she seen a brand of underwear that, sorry, she wants to tell,” says Efrosinina.

3. Fakes

The third prohibition or “taboo” in appearance is the fake stuff. No one painted the wrong inscription LOUIS VUITTON, it is better to dress stylishly, but in a more affordable stores than carrying an outright counterfeit, and at the same time all existing in the wardrobe.

4. Total “look” or “put all that was best in the wardrobe”

Total loo – this is where all the bright and colorful . in your opinion. stylish that you have in the closet you decide to wear. It looks ridiculous and tasteless.

5. Tasteless and skimpy outfits

And the last taboo – too revealing clothes in the style of “strippers”. Especially this can be attributed to platform shoes with high calcuim, exactly like the dancers on the pole. On the street in such clothes. I better not. “This story is not about attraction, not about sexuality. They mutilate the gait and I don’t know men who are hooked on it,” says Mary.

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