Matieu Gaumond: dramatic art tattooed on the heart

The man of multiple accomplishments is currently Artistic Director at the Richmond Slate Interpretation Center (CIA). “I choose the pieces that will be presented at the theatrical readings of the slate. I also choose the actors who will convey the message of the author. Naturally, I make very personal choices according to my tastes. “
M . Gaumond has been here for three years. “I came to Estrie for my retirement because I have a lot of friends here. I wanted to create a theater and the president of the Center, Pierre Bail, liked the idea. We decided to create representations at the Slate Museum. It’s a project that has always grown. We have an audience that likes to see plays, “he says.

Matieu Gaumond has played in many places, across the country and across the Atlantic. “The police comedy piece has marked me. It was so wonderful, because the main actor played seven characters who visited a single female character. People had to find the murderer. He has also staged plays at the Trident Theater in Quebec City.

In addition to giving the interpretation course at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Quebec for 26 years, he also studied at the same place from 1970 to 1973. He also won the Jean Valcourt prize which allowed him to travel for a year and study in different European theaters. He has traveled to Italy, France, Belgium and Greece. “Teaching at this prestigious school is a goal. I went through this school. I always had the taste to direct actors, even if I did a course to become one of them. By cons, I immediately had the taste of staging. I like the actors so much. I want to support them, “he says.

The Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Quebec brought him a lot as a teacher. “It’s very nurturing to be with people who already have a certain talent. We can increase their confidence and get them to excel by offering them very strong characters that surprise them initially. It is a great satisfaction to have accompanied several actors during their journey. ”

The call of staging

The work of director has no secrets for the artist. “I always knew that I wanted to do this job. I watched TV when I was younger and told actors what to do across the screen. I already gave them directions. I was attracted by the acting game. I always knew that I would do this job. It is important for the man to support the actors. “It is important to accompany the actors. They need a direction so badly. They must live the dramatic situation entirely. ”

Mr. Gaumond also founded the Théâtre du Café Rimbaud and the Théâtre en feuilles. “I wanted to make the most of my desire to do the staging. I created theaters that worked very well. We did not start with the Théâtre du Café Rimbaud and it snowballed. ”

According to Mr. Gaumond, the support of the various administrative levels such as the RCMs is essential for the survival of art and culture. “We need support to ensure cultural sustainability in the regions. This is the most alive thing. It is important to find culture everywhere. It is necessary to develop a theater of high quality in the region. ”

Matieu Gaumond is very proud of the work done at the Center since his arrival. “People have welcomed this new proposal. Word of mouth is getting more and more. It’s funny to say, but it’s like I created a need. People need culture. They come back and many people are added from week to week, “he says.

So far, Mr. Gaumond has participated in about ten readings. “My goal is to continue reading at the Center. I would like to develop tours. I think the Slate Museum is important. It must be known and recognized. ”

On August 17, the Slate Interpretation Center will present Edward Albee’s play Zoo Story. Comedians Alexis Gaumond and Richard Letendre will bring the text on stage.

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