Maureen, 19 years, killed 63 strokes of the knife : the accused proclaimed his innocence

Maureen, 19 ans, tuée de 63 coups de couteau : l'accusé clame son innocence

Sylvain B., 28 years old, is held from the Thursday before the assize court of Haute-Garonne for the murder of Maureen Jacquier.

The lifeless body of this young woman of 19 years was found by his father in his studio in the district of the Minimes at Toulouse.

The autopsy revealed that the victim had been killed in 63 strokes of the knife.

A native of Lyon, Maureen was studying to be an aircraft mechanic in Toulouse, and worked Alternately at Airbus in Colomiers.

The accused was also a mechanic at Airbus. Questioned at the time, the young man had denied the nature of his relationship with Maureen.

But two traces of DNA from Sylvain had been found in the studio of the victim : one was found on a towel in a bathroom, the other on the duvet of the victim.

“As a boy, reserved and discreet, he denied at the beginning the nature of his relationship with Maureen, but he confessed that they had had sex only once. This explains the traces of his DNA found in it. ” witness to Simon Cohen and Marie-Hélène Pibouleau, the attorneys of Scott B.

“In addition, we do not know with certainty the hour of his death. Two witnesses reported to have seen the 27 February to 10 hours. Therefore, it is possible that his death has occurred in the morning. Education has not brought enough evidence, we will vigorously pursue at the show during this trial. ” they add