Mayor Tory has accused the head of the police Union that only “promises” (PHOTO)

Мэр Тори обвинил главу полицейского профсоюза в том, что тот только «обещает на словах»  (ФОТО)

Toronto mayor John Tory responded to repeated attacks of the head of the Police Association Toronto, associated with the need to add to the service additional officers, saying that he himself is only “promised” schedule change shifts, which would allow to provide a sufficient number of police “where necessary and when needed.”

Tori made this comment to reporters on the morning of Tuesday, July 10, − just a few hours after the President of the police Association Toronto Mike McCormack mentioned in the program Metro Morning on CBC that the reduction in the number of police that were made by the tories, directly contributed to the increase in cases of armed violence in Toronto.

This year in total there were 53 murders for comparison, over the same period last year there were 24. The average of murders that occurred before July 10, 5 years is 29.3.

“I think he (McCormack) tells you that he is sincerely committed to making changes in shift patterns, and pointed out in the last three collective agreements between the government and the Toronto police service that will form a Committee to discuss, reminded tori. – If you listen to the words of the chief of police of Toronto Saunders, Mike McCormack for many years sits down at the table to talk about what can be one of the most significant consequences of placing police officers where necessary and when needed across the city.”

Tori also reported that McCormack continues to accuse him and the chief of police of Toronto Saunders that thrives thanks to them, gun violence in the city, and does not help with the upgrade, which would increase the efficiency of the entire police service in Toronto. Although this upgrade and included a hiring freeze about two years, it also included other measures − the use of civil servants in some cases related to the maintenance of security in areas and initiatives designed for that more officers will leave the car and carry out foot patrol service.

“I don’t think is very constructive to accuse the mayor or the chief of police in the violence happening on the streets, because in fact the real problem is the resistance to modernisation and change that must be made, to be sure – we have a police force that can be where needed, when needed. And don’t pretend that the solution to this problem is that the number of police became more, − he added. You know what the worst years in terms of crime came at a time when there were many more policemen. If all the matter in the police, why did it happen then?”.

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