Mayor Tory said that doing “everything possible” to combat gun violence in Toronto (PHOTOS)

Мэр Тори заявил, что делает «все возможное» в борьбе с вооруженным насилием в Торонто (ФОТО)

Toronto mayor John Tory tried to defend their work against gun violence on Monday, July 9, stating that doing what it can, and called attempts to blame him for the fact that crime is not decreasing, “a very unfortunate politicization”.

Tory said Monday morning in the Metro Morning program on CBC radio that Toronto remains a safe city despite multiple cases of fire, some of which occurred in public places.

Recent attacks have killed 53 and 54 victims this year. Early Sunday morning, July 8, 20-year-old man was shot dead near Driftwood Avenue and Jane Street, and on Monday his age were killed to the North, near Shoreham Court Shoreham Drive.

“I believe that doing everything as mayor, said the tories on Monday. The view that I am personally responsible for this, I don’t think most people consider it credible. And, as I said, I think that is a very unfortunate politicization”.

Over the weekend activists held a rally near one of the shootings in the area of Queen and Peter streets, where a man was killed. They opposed the Tory mayor’s statement that the city is safe.

Monday, July 7, Tory reiterated that Toronto is safe, but added: “the Challenge is how to keep it safe, and at the moment with this problem, no doubt.”

He said that his meeting last week with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was largely devoted to gun violence in Toronto and how the Federal government can help.

Tori said that the next step – meeting “with all who can” work out a solution, including the search for new and restart old public programs that can save young people from a life of crime.

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