McDonald’s Canada goes to “environmentally friendly” beef (PHOTOS)

McDonald's Canada переходит на «экологически безопасную» говядину (ФОТО)

McDonald’s Canada said it will become the first canadian company uses for its beef dishes, which received “certificate of environmental safety” in accordance with the standards defined during the Canadian round table on environmentally sustainable beef (CRSB).

Trade network reports, in the next 12 months, more than 20 million of the Angus burgers will be supplied from manufacturers complying with the standards of the CRSB.

These standards include the control, so that the animals had enough food, they had continuous access to drinking water and suffered minimal stress and pain.

Farmers and ranchers must also manage their lands in such a way as to maintain or improve soil health and protect watersheds.

McDonald’s Canada announced that 100% of beef for making hamburgers comes from canadian ranches and farms are located primarily in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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