Measurements of the temperature in the subway revealed that there are “infernal heat”

Замеры температуры в подземке показали, что там «адская жара»

Measurements of the temperature in the subway revealed that there are “infernal heat”

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya

Photo: RPA

Metro MTA new York heat

A trip to the new York subway can be a bit of an extreme — especially if the stations hellish heat.

A new study found that the busiest stations of the city, the atmosphere is akin to the “hell of hell” — on some platforms the mercury jumps to abnormal 37℃, and sometimes even higher.

One of 10 such busy stations — 14th Street-Union Square, researchers from the Association of regional planning (Regional Plan Association RPA) were able to record this Thursday the record high temperature in 40 ℃.

At other stations the temperature was a bit below:

  • at 59th Street-Columbus Square — 38℃;
  • at 34th Street-Herald Square and 34th Street-Penn — 37 ℃;
  • at Times Square and Rockefeller Center — was 36.6 ℃.

RPA recommended MTA to solve the problem using a number of measures:

  • to design the future metro lines so that they generated less heat and were more energy efficient;
  • to use a more advanced braking system — regenerative (braking the electric motor in a generator mode in which electricity generated back to the grid);
  • think about cooling in cars. Inside the train cool is a plus, but such a system gives off heat to the outside, that is, in the tunnel or on the platform, and this is a minus;
  • to carry out reconstruction of outdated stations, making them more open space.

“Chris Hayes, your description of new York subway inspired us to go to the crowded platform and to check how hot it is when waiting for a train”.

The MTA recognizes that in the subway you can’t control the temperature for technical reasons, but the company plans to address this issue.

Climate control is provided, since the metro line was laid over a century ago. At the same time, the air conditioning system in trains emit too much heat in the tunnels and stations“, — said the representative of the MTA Shams Tarek, adding that every effort is being made to trains not delayed, added some new compositions that will be able to quickly pick up passengers from the platforms and to provide them with coolness for the entire trip.

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