Media reported about the conflict Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II for the wedding tiara

Meghan Markle/ Queen Elizabeth II

British tabloid the Sun, citing insiders at Buckingham Palace told about the unpleasant history of the wedding decorations Meghan Markle. The wedding day with Prince Harry on her head, as is known, glittered tiara in the style of art Deco with diamonds which lady the Prince was lent by Queen Elizabeth II. According to The Sun, Megan wanted to wear something completely different is a rare instance.

Tabloid beloved father of Meghan Markle argues that it sought to complement wedding image Royal tiara with the emeralds.

Meghan Markle

Megan wanted a tiara with the emeralds, but received the answer that it can not put on the wedding. Was a very heated debate that forced the Queen to talk to Prince Harry. Elizabeth II said that Megan cannot have everything he wants. In the end, she gives her jewelry. Her Majesty also asked the question: why Megan took the veil, if we consider that marriage to Harry for a second, – quotes The Sun the insider.

Queen Elizabeth II

Reporter Robert Jobson in his new book writes that Prince Harry just before the wedding said to the assistants:

What Megan wants, she gets.However, as it turned out, not all the desires of the Duchess of Sussex feasible.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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