Media to investigate the disappearance of an Arabian Princess: she’s seven years old tried to run away because of the violence

Latifa Bint Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Earlier this year the Western media, including British newspaper the Guardian, has published several articles about his daughter’s disappearance, the Arab Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, who is the Emir of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE. Track girls was broken after her failed escape attempts.

The BBC decided to look into the fate of the heiress of the ruling family and made a film where for the first time in detail told about plans for a 32-year-old Latifi, which was not destined to come true. The film also participated accomplices daughter of the Sheikh who had been helping her with the escape: the Finnish fitness instructor Tina Ichinen and a former naval officer, a Frenchman of Evreux Jaubert.

Latifah and Tina Ichinen

The escape attempt of Latif launched in early March of this year: according to the girl, she was confronted with abuse in his own family. First, she and Tina reached Oman, where on an inflatable boat and a jet ski getting to neutral waters, where the yacht was waiting for them Jaubert. Women had to overcome nearly 40 kilometers and call it a pleasant boat ride difficult.

The waves were about one and a half meters, and we have walked against the wind, it took us many hours to reach the yacht

— recalled Ichinen.

Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

The yacht itself was reported to have been under the American flag: Jaubert was counting on the fact that, if someone tries to forcibly take the ship, it will cause an international scandal. On the yacht the trio was planning to get to Goa, India.

Escape plan

Once on Board, Latif reportedly began to send letters to human rights organizations and the press, hoping that someone will take her under protection. But, reportedly, received a response: many of her story seemed so far-fetched that she was not taken seriously. Well, then about 80 kilometers from the coast the ship was detained. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Jobert shared that all three blindfolded and handcuffed. Latif was taken, and her accomplices were released.

Evreux Jaubert

Since little is known about Latif: according to media reports, her strength returned home, a source close to the government of Dubai, on condition of anonymity, said that Latif is with the family and “feels great”. But Latifah herself since then not seen in public, and her Instagram deleted. However, the friends of the girl are worried about her fate, because before escaping, she recorded a video that was asked to publish only in case of failure. In it the Sheikh’s daughter told about the possible consequences.

I record this video, as it may be the last. My sister Shamsa ran in 2000 during a vacation in England when she was 18 years old. But my father’s men found the strength and brought her back, after which she was tortured and imprisoned for eight years,

— said Latif, referring to that also already tried to escape when she was 16, but was caught at the border and beaten.

Latifa Bint Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

These people said that my father ordered them “to beat me, till they kill me.” I was in a very bad condition, I could barely walk, but I was not offered medical care,

— admitted Latif.

I was depressed all my life, in Dubai they treat the woman as subhuman,

— said the girl.

Documents Latifi

As told Jobert, the BBC, to escape the girl prepared thoroughly. The Jobert it came out in 2011, learned from the Internet that the former officer and current businessman also fled from Dubai. Latif began to prepare the new escape seven years ago and during this time she managed to save 400 thousand dollars to pay the costs.

She said she would prefer to die at sea, but not to return to Dubai

— said Jaubert.

A source close to the government of Dubai, however, said that the whole situation is a personal question that used to stir up a scandal and tarnish the reputation of Sheikh Mohammed. So, it is noted that the media campaign was actively supported by Qatar, with which Emirates has a very strained relationship. According to him, accomplices Latifa, Tina Ichinen and Evreux Jaubert, already was wanted by the Dubai authorities in connection with other offences.

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