Medical aid in dying: not for Alzheimer’s, Menard pleads

Medical aid in dying is made for everyone except for people who are not lucid enough to ask for it in all conscience. People suffering from Alzheimer’s, among others, should never be able to ask for it, according to the lawyer specialized in user rights in the health system, Me Jean-Pierre Ménard, who was passing Tuesday at the Youville Hospital Center. to give a lecture.

In the many public interventions, many people questioned the right of people with Alzheimer’s disease to seek medical assistance in dying. On this issue, Me Ménard is adamant. Since a person with this disease is not dying when it is in the first stage and is not lucid when it is returned to the fourth, by way of example, it can not ask for it. care.

If an amendment were passed so that people with Alzheimer’s could ask for that care, Mr. Ménard would oppose it. “I would be a fierce opponent of that,” he says. I have spent my entire career defending vulnerable people. I will continue to do so. As much as I am for the affirmation of the rights of those who are able to decide, I am in favor of the greatest possible protection for people who are unable to do so. ”

All information

Mr. Jean-Pierre Ménard considers it important to inform people about this particular care. “This law is made for the world,” says Ménard. It only makes sense if people can take ownership of it. We must therefore speak as much as possible and the public must understand the good side they can draw from this law, “says the one that makes about fifty conferences a year on the subject.

Me Ménard is very involved in the issues surrounding medical assistance in dying. “I say real business. I am very involved in this practice, so I can relate experiences. It’s important for people to know that when it’s done according to the law, it’s done in a respectful way that reflects the will of the people.

Me Jean-Pierre Ménard explained in detail the right of the medical aid to die, Tuesday evening, in front of a hundred people.
Me Jean-Pierre Ménard explained in detail the right of the medical aid to die, Tuesday evening, in front of a hundred people.

“People also need to understand that they have the right to have good care to the end,” he added at the end of the hour-and-a-half conference.

On the other hand, details can still be improved in the Quebec and Canadian laws. “There are always things to improve,” says Ménard. This was a new way of working. Several things have been changed to make this law workable. We live the experience today. We will see the lessons we will learn. There are still many questions that will evolve in the next five or ten years. ”

Patients who seek medical assistance in dying must be lucid, psychologically or physically suffering, be certain that medicine can do nothing for a patient and above all, consenting.

A large audience

The doctoral student in gerontology and president of RÉGUS, Olivier Maureau organized the conference with his classmates. About 130 people traveled for the occasion. “There was a nice presence of citizens who had not been spoken directly to invite them. We were pleasantly surprised, “he said, pleased.

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