Megan Fox explained why it did not support the movement #MeToo, although he was a victim of harassment

Megan Fox

When the stars of Hollywood has declared war on harassment in the film industry and one after another told about how had suffered from harassment, actress Megan Fox was not seen at the forefront of the movement #MeToo. In a recent conversation with the correspondent of the New York Times, 32-year-old star of “Transformers” ( Transformers) explained why it happened.

The actress did not describe in detail the cases of harassment in their lives, but said there were plenty of them. Fox complained that even before the massive public outpouring of indignation was against such a relationship to the woman, but received a disappointment: no one supported it.

Megan Fox

Looking back, when I was not supported by feminists and other members of society, I do not believe that I will be treated with compassion… Now the society endorses the quality and manifestations of personality, which is before everyone turned against me, she said in an interview.

Previously Megan compared the Director of “Transformers” Michael Bay can with Hitler and said her character in the film is overly sexual.

Megan Fox in a scene from the movie “transformers”

Home actress surrounded by some men with her husband Brian Austin green she is raising three sons. According to Fox, she often reflects on the proper education of boys.

For sons I — a window into the world of the opposite sex. If they feel safe next to me, also will feel with other jenshinami in the future. If they see that their father respects me, it will be the norm for such behavior, said Megan New York Times.

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