Melania and Donald trump lit up the main Christmas tree USA

Donald and Melania trump

48-year-old Melania trump is a very responsible attitude to his duties as the first lady. Yesterday the wife of 72-year-old Donald trump spoke at the conference dedicated to the issue of opioids (and she pays a lot of attention), liberty University, Virginia, and took part in a ceremony “inclusion” of the Christmas tree.

The image that you chose for the first visit, was very reserved and elegant first lady chose a grey Trouser suit, black top and grey pumps snakeskin. Her hair was stranded and disbanded.

The arrival of the first lady of the University caused an unprecedented stir among the students, the hall was Packed.

Thank you, liberty University! How many smart and motivated students! I know that together we will be able to solve the problem of opioid crisis and to save lives

— shared his impressions Melania trump in Instagram.

In the evening, the first lady of the United States along with her husband Donald trump solemnly lit the lights on the main Christmas tree USA, which is set near the White house.

Public Melania appeared in a white coat with a belt, sweater with a high neck, gloves and high light brown suede boots.

Melania was in an excellent mood, smiled a lot and happily welcomed all the participants.

All merry Christmas and happy New year

she said.

The ceremony was also attended by the children of Donald trump: Tiffany and Eric.

Tiffany and Eric trump

Lara trump (wife Erica) and Tiffany trump

First news with SPLETNIK.RU shared blogger boo_10.

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