Melania trump complained in an interview on his life: “I am the most frightened person in the world”

Donald and Melania trump

The ABC continues to announce an interview with Melania trump, which will air tomorrow. Recall that correspondent Tom Llamas recorded the conversation with the first lady of the United States during her recent trip to Africa. During the conversation a journalist raised the problem for a President’s wife themes: the scandal of harassment and persecution in the press and social networks.

Melania trump supports a social campaign Be Best directed to help teenagers in combating harassment and bullying in the network. In recognition of the American first lady, and it itself can be considered a victim of bullying.

Melania Trump

I can say that I am the most frightened person in the world. One of them. You understand that if you pay attention to what people say about me, ‘ said the wife of Donald trump.

In her opinion, we need to teach children to resist the negative from which they may suffer.

We need to teach children how to behave in society and correct emotional reactions so they know how to cope with such problems— said Melania trump.

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