Melania trump praised the Christmas decorations in the White house

Melania Trump

The advent of Christmas, many are prepared in advance, including the first lady of the United States. Today Melania trump has officially announced that the White house has already reigned the festive atmosphere. On the official pages of the wife of Donald trump in social networks there is footage to prove it.

In the video, filmed on the occasion of the event, Melania goes through the halls of the White house, where there are decorated Christmas trees and hung with decorations. In the East wing of the residence of the American President in Washington this year established a number of trees a red hue. Social media users saw this as a hidden meaning that gave rise to memes.

Melania made the whole corridor … the bloody trees?— wrote one Internet user.

Melania Trump

This year’s theme for decorations become the “American treasures, symbolizing the unique heritage of the country,” media reported.

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