Melania trump responded to rumors about her husband’s infidelity

Мелания Трамп ответила на слухи об изменах мужа

Pornographic actress previously spoke about with the President of the United States.US first lady Melania trump has denied the accusations of treachery against her husband and stated that their marriage is “perfect”, reports the with reference to TSN.

This she said on the ABC News, reports The Washington Post.

“I’m not worried and don’t pay attention to it,” she said. “I am a mother and first lady, I have more important things to do and things to worry about. I know that people and media love to speculate about our marriage,” added Melanie. We will remind, pornstar Stormy Daniels said she was with trump sexual intercourse in 2006-2007. In the midst of a presidential campaign in 2016, attorney Michael Cohen porn star paid 130 thousand dollars for non-disclosure of this information. The White House denied it. The porn star also wrote a memoir, which among other things described the indecent and explicit details about sexual relationship with trump. The Network has ridiculed the intimate details of the anatomy of the President. The most funny nick seemed to compare trump’s penis with a mushroom from the game Mario and furry Yetis.

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