Memorable Victory of the Phoenix

This was the most crucial game of the year for the Phoenix and Sherbrookois did not succumb to pressure Wednesday night, even offering a memorable victory to their fans. Probably the most important of their young history.

E st that the series has finally reached fever Sherbrooke? If it was sometimes possible to hear a fly fly the day before at the Sports Palace during the 3-0 defeat of Birds, this time, the 2518 spectators present raised the roof of the amphitheater when Samuel Poulin marked the victorious late in the third period, en route to a win of 4 to 2 Phoenix against the Huskies.

The series is now 2-2 and the next round of this first-round duel will take place Friday in Rouyn-Noranda.

The hero of the game, however, was the keeper of the Phoenix Reilly Pickard, who has multiplied the important stops to provide a chance for his team to return inflated to block in Abitibi.

“There was no question of our team giving up,” says Pickard. Everyone showed great strength of character. This is a big win in front of our fans and we hope to take advantage of this energy to come out on Friday. We did not want to go back to Abitibi with a two-game deficit because our team would not have been allowed to make the mistake. ”

The tension was felt in the Sherbrooke clan.

“We could not lose it, says Samuel Poulin. Our team had a good end game. We felt the crowd behind us and the adrenaline was in the carpet. It was noisy in the Sports Palace! ”

“Pickard made the big stops, admits coach Stéphane Julien. The match was still tight tonight. The numerical advantage of both teams worked well and Samuel went for the big goal at the end. There was a bit of nervousness when the extension was approaching, but my players were keen to win. ”

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