Memorials of shooting in Greektown will transfer to the holiday weekend (PHOTO)

Мемориалы стрельбы в Greektown перенесут на праздничные выходные (ФОТО)

Some memorials that appeared in memory of the victims of the shooting in the area of Greektown last month, will be moved to the weekend to hold the festival Taste of the Danforth.

Flowers and other items that people have left around the fountain near Danforth Avenue and Logan after the tragic shooting on July 22, transferred to the garden next to the Church Danforth Anglican Church. They will be there for as long as a more permanent memorial will not be organized.

Wooden boards with inscriptions dedicated to the victims of the shooting, and anti-war slogans were removed from their location earlier this week. According to the representatives of Greektown, they just dismissed in hand until a certain time.

“We’re going to remove all the artifacts, and when the festival ends, we’re going to sit down and decide what will be the correct thing to do in order to provide them with a permanent location,” – said representatives of Greektown.

Festival organizers announced that they plan to organize a platform where people can bring flowers and other things in memory of the victims of the shooting during the festival.

The shooting occurred on July 22, killing 2 girls 10 and 18 years. Another 13 people were wounded. And the 25th annual festival Taste of the Danforth starts tomorrow at 6 PM and will last all weekend.

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